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Normal Flat Nozzles
Special Flat Nozzles
Normal Full Cone Nozzles
Special Full Cone Nozzles
Hollow Cone Nozzles
Ellipse Shape Nozzles
Square Shape Nozzles
Rectangle Shape Nozzles
Spiral Cone Nozzles
Air Atomizing Nozzles
Fog & Mist Nozzles
Fountain Nozzles
Filter Nozzles
Sand Blast Nozzles
Pneumatic & Hydraulic Fittings
Mist Fan & Fog Machine
Water Powered Clock

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Quality control

ISO Standards 9001

At the IDST Nozzle Co., Ltd., all our employees work as a single unit in the interests of improving customer satisfaction by our strict quality control, advanced production technique.

Quality Management

We established perfect company quality management system enable us to identify, measure, control and improve our every processes that will ultimately lead to improved business performance.  


Quality Principles

Our employees excel at combining knowledge and technology to provide ideal spray nozzles.

Quality Policy

  1. We shall accommodate customer requests and provide customers with satisfactory products by developing and improving our products. 
  2. We shall consider safety and the environment, engage in continuous improvement of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, and ensure continued improvement.